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How do we help them get stronger? Homeless people I mean. A land surveyor buddy of mine has a son who lives on the streets near me. It's a long, complicated story but it boils down to one pretty simple issue: it's very hard for his son and other chronically homeless people to find the strength needed to confront the inner demons that keep them on the street. Mental illness, substance abuse and unwillingness to address them lead to alienated families that withdraw support. I want to help but not sure how I can. This weekend I'll take a trek through the neighborhood he's known to camp in and offer a smile and a little conversation if I see him. Maybe the door will crack open allowing me a glimpse into his world. From there, who knows... An employment recruiter sent me a message via LinkedIn this morning. From the contents of her message, it was obvious she hadn't taken the time to read and interpret my profile. Otherwise she would have quickly determined I was not a possible candidate for the position she was recruiting for. It rubbed me the wrong way so I said as much in my response. It's a small thing but it points to the need for respect when engaging a career professional. I'm sure no harm was meant but it spoke volumes about what to expect had I been interested. Lotsa work out there these days and overtime to boot. Anybody spending more time with their field crew or workstation than their families? As the economy continues to heat up, I suspect work/life balance conversations will too. We love our crew mates but how many Saturdays can you spend with a sweaty, orange-clad humanoid with a machete in their hand? Til next time, right a tenth and away 600. John Rogers, The Tenth Society. #surveying #surveyor #surveylife #homeless #homelessness #landsurveying #landsurveyor

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