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Updated: May 6, 2021

Is there a particular task or facet of surveying you find especially challenging? Maybe it's something you avoid or make extra effort to steer around. You can't work in a profession like ours with so many dimensions and not encounter a roadblock or two. The point is: we all have unique challenges and can find unique solutions. Let's explore a few of each. One typical solution is to simply create some distance between yourself and the work challenge. By giving yourself some "space," the challenge becomes a little easier to manage or so the theory goes. For instance, if fieldwork doesn't come naturally, to compensate, you might lower expectations by quoting a few extra hours to get it done. Or maybe if you're in a leadership position, you delegate tasks you prefer to avoid. And some of us just eliminate certain tasks altogether by narrowing our job description to only include items we're most comfortable with.

But what if we don't have the luxury of creating space when we need it? What if the proverbial buck stops directly at our desk or field crew and we have to operate efficiently or the company suffers? After all, creating space is not a permanent solution, it only eases the pain temporarily. The challenge is still there, waiting patiently to be engaged and solved. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find the root cause of our work challenge. Our weaknesses exist to inform and help us grow. Start by asking yourself a simple question: When I think about or work the challenge, how do I feel? If you feel boredom, it's an indication that other types of work inspire you more. It may be time to adjust your job description to feature what you love to do most. You're success and value to the company depend on being inspired and content with your work. If you feel anxiety, something about the task triggers fear. Now you have to dig a little. Look for a past event/s that produced discomfort. Does your work challenge somehow remind you of that? Just identifying the relationship between your challenge and a past event will go a long way towards resolving it. Continue unwinding if need be. Maybe your challenge has a simple remedy like a change in perspective. Here's how I overcame math anxiety related to surveying: Math Anxiety ( Whatever your challenge, know that being able to admit weakness is a sign of strength and will empower and guide you to your most productive and rewarding career path. John Rogers, PLS (retired) The Tenth Society

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